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The Deviant Dance & Fitness Studio

103 W Seneca Street,

Manlius, NY 13104

(315) 276-8657

Call or text if you have questions or would like to reach the studio.



For general STUDIO questions:



Studio Hours:

Mon - Thurs 9-12pm | 5-9pm

Fri  & Sat 9-12pm

Sun 9:30-12pm



  • We have FREE parking.

  • Please do not park in front of the laundromat. 



  • There is a 5 minutes grace period for lateness. Members will not be allowed to attend the class after this grace period. Late-cancellation and no-show fees apply.

  • When you are late, you interrupt the flow of a class that has already begun.

  • Please try to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to your class. 


No Outside Shoe Policy:

  • We DO NOT allow outside shoes anywhere in the studio.

  • Please take your shoes off in the foyer to preserve the cleanliness of our studio.

  • If you booked cardio, deconstructed or Twerk, please wear clean sneakers that have not been outside.



  • All participants are required to check-in with reception BEFORE heading into class.

  • Please do not bring bulky personal items like coats and bags into the studio. Those items should be left in our reception room.


Recurring Memberships:

  • Memberships begin on the date of purchase and renew on the same date each month. 

  • Unlimited Memberships are good towards ANY class offering.

  • The current rate for an unlimited membership is $144.

  • A Student Unlimited Membership at $115 is available with proof of current full-time enrollment.

  • Memberships can be paused, up to two months in one year, upon request. The two months can be two separate months or two consecutive months. A 15 day e-mailed notice is required to pause memberships.

Membership Cancellation:

  • Memberships can be cancelled at anytime.

  • Member must provide an e-mailed notice of cancellation 15 days in advance of next withdrawal.


Reactivation of Membership after canceling: 

  • After canceling, a $50 activation fee will apply to renew membership.

  • Membership rate will reflect the current rate of membership at time of reactivation.


Our studio is proud to offer many beginner-level opportunities for our dance community.

However, we do have some classes that require a little more strength and coordination. 

Our booking software allows us to set prerequisite options, which means that new members will be required to start at a beginner level and complete a specific number of classes before advancement.  

We understand that everyones abilities and progress may differ. Our instructional Tribe is ready to assess and advance members appropriately. 



In Pole, you will be required to...

  • use strength to rotate around a spinning pole.

  • support yourself in various upper body and lower body holds.

  • build new muscle memory over time.

In Lyra you will be required to...

  • hang upside down from your knees & pull-up from this position.

  • perform skills while suspended in midair.

  • use total body strength to transition between postures.



In Intermediate Chairlesque you will be required to,

  • move at a faster pace with control and balance.

  • learn and remember at least 64 counts of choreography. 

  • tackle isometric holds and perform postures that require core strength.


LEVEL Requirements

Level 1 - Absolute Beginners and members who want to continue learning basic fundamentals

Level 1 & 2 - Combo skills class for members who have graduated to level 2 and for members who have trained at Level 1 for at least 10 classes

Level 2 & 3 - Combo skills class for member who have graduated to Level 2 or Level 3


* Please speak to your Instructor about advancement. Once leveled-up in our booking system, your first class must be manually booked by front desk before members can book independently. 


Booking an in-studio class:

Step 1. CHECK OUT our Class Calendar for the month and see which class piques your interest.

Our calendar can be found on the booking page of our website and posted on the community board at the studio. 


Step 2. LOG-IN to your account on your computer or mobile device. If you haven't already done so, download the branded Deviant app to easily manage your bookings on the go. 


Step 3. PURCHASE a Membership or Class Pack.

Monthly memberships can be purchased as a one-time transaction and they recur automatically every month. All memberships and class packs can be used to book classes at a discounted rate instead of paying more for a single drop-in rate.


Step 4. BOOK YOUR CLASS using the branded Deviant app or via the booking page on our website. 

All members are required to book their class(es), regardless of membership status. This enables the studio to keep track of how many participants are in the class and helps to manage our waitlists, if necessary. 



When a class is full, you’ll be given the option of joining the waitlist. Members do cancel, so many waitlisted members get promoted into the class. Waitlisted members are automatically promoted from the waitlist to the class, as space opens, based on the order of waitlist booking. Promotions can happen up to 4 hours before the start of class, which is our cancellation window.  If you can no longer commit to taking the class, you should remove your name from the waitlist. If you add your name to the waitlist, you should be prepared to take class. Automatic addition to class still adheres to our cancellation policy.


STEP 5. Check your inbox (or sometimes junk folder) for your BOOKING CONFIRMATION and review the important information, especially if you are new to our Manlius studio location.



  • We have a generous cancellation window! Members have up to 4-hours prior to class to cancel or reschedule their booking without penalty.

  • Late cancelations, less than 4-hours before class incur a $10 penalty, regardless of membership status.

  • It is the members responsibility to cancel or reschedule their class! Members can cancel and late-cancel independently on the Deviant app without the assistance of the studio. 


No Show Policy:

When you book class and don’t show up, it prevents someone on the waitlist from attending and it’s rude. If you don't cancel or late-cancel your booking and then don't show up, you will be charged for the class and penalized for your absence, 

  • No shows will incur a $20 penalty, regardless of membership status. This is in addition to your booking fee! If you paid using a package you will not be credited the missed class. If you paid a drop-in rate, you are still responsible for the cost of the class in addition to the no-show penalty. 


Cancelations made by studio:

Our studio has the right to cancel class for any reason.

For example, low attendance of less than 3 participants, illness, and bad weather may all result in a class being cancelled. In terms of weather, our studio follows the FM school district schedule. If school is cancelled or delayed in FM, our morning classes are cancelled. If after school activities have been cancelled, our evening classes may be affected.

Early-cancellation credit:

If you cancelled within our cancellation window using a package, your class will automatically be credited to your account. If you paid a drop-in rate, a credit will automatically be linked to your account to use for future bookings. If you do not want a credit and would prefer a refund, you must contact the studio to receive a refund.

Member Responsibility& Studio Etiquette

What to bring/wear:

Bring a full water bottle and a towel.

Wear comfortable athletic attire.

Cardio Dance & Deconstructed: CLEAN studio-only sneakers (mandatory)

Chairlesque: Bare feet or soft-soled dance shoes. (Knee pads sometimes recommended)

Pole Dancing: Wear shorts with bare legs for gripping the pole, and bare feet. No body lotion or jewelry allowed.

Lyra: Wear long leggings to accommodate the hoop and bare feet or socks. No jewelry allowed.

Barre: Bare Feet 

Yoga: Bare Feet and a Yoga Mat

Hip-Hop & Twerk: CLEAN, studio-only sneakers (Knee pads sometimes recommended)

Jazz & Contemporary: Soft-soled dance shoes or bare feet

Floor Play: Soft-soled dance shoes and Knee Pads.


Video Posting Policy:

All members are encouraged to record videos of themselves doing the choreography during class.

These videos can be used to practice the routines at home in-between classes. 

Members can also post short clips of choreography (no more than 30 seconds) to their social media platforms. Please tag #DeviantDanceTribe on every post. 


*Please use discretion when posting videos that include other members. We want to be respectful of everyone’s privacy. Consent is key.



Please be considerate when applying perfumes or scented products. Remember that our studio is a shared space. Please keep yourself and your studio clothes clean, and wear deodorant! 


Please note:

Deviant Dance Tribe has the right to take photographs, videotape, or digital recordings of all members to use for the promotional purposes.  If you do not want to be recorded, you must inform your instructor.


Remember that the choreography learned in our studio is the intellectual property of our instructors and choreographers, and may not be resold or bartered for material gain or material profit of any kind without express written permission and fair compensation to Deviant Dance Tribe LLC.



We value all human life, no matter their race, gender, sexual identity or ability. 

We’ve built an inclusive environment with compassion and understanding. 

Prejudice and exclusion will not be tolerated.

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