Recurring Memberships:

  • Unlimited, 4-class and 8-class membership auto-renew every month.

  • Memberships begin on the date of purchase and renew on the same date each month. 

  • All memberships are good towards ANY class offering.


For the 4-class and 8-class memberships:

  • Remaining classes do not carry over to the next month.


Current rate for recurring memberships: 

  • Monthly 4-class membership $72 ( $18 per class )

  • Monthly 8-class membership $128 ( $16 per class )

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership $144 

       Members that book at this rate pay $144 per month for the life of their membership!​


Current rate for non-recurring memberships:

  • Cardio 10 Class Pack $120 for 10 classes (expires in 3 months) 

  • Barre & Yoga 5 Class Pack $85 (expires in 3 months)


Current rate for single drop-in class:

  • 55 minutes class $20

  • 85 minute class $25

Recurring Membership Cancellation:

  • Memberships can be cancelled at anytime.

  • Member must provide a written notice of cancellation 15 days in advance of next withdrawal.


Reactivation of monthly memberships: 

  • After canceling, a $50 activation fee will apply to renew membership.

  • Membership rate will reflect the current rate of membership at time of reactivation.

  • Memberships can be paused, up to two months in one year, upon request. The two months can be two separate months or two consecutive months. A 15 day e-mailed notice is required to pause memberships.