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Local Art on Display

Every month, our studio features art from local artists.

We do this commission-free...

 because we love the way art makes our studio look and feel,

and we value the importance of supporting our fellow creatives. 

Viewing hours:
Mon-Thur 5:30pm-8pm
Sat & Sun 10am-12pm

Featured Artists - November

  Sugar Moon Artistry &  
  The Naughty Printmaker  


Deck the Halls is a Syracuse based art show created by Jamie Santos, a local artist and advocate. The show brings together the arts community to raise funds for local youth in need. Entrance to the show is a donation to Peaceful Schools, either in money or necessary items.

Over the years Deck the Halls has brought in thousands of dollars in monetary and item donations, supporting up to 6 Syracuse City Schools. Peaceful Schools seeks to provide k-12 educators with professional development, coaching, technical assistance and evidence-based practices to promote a culture of connection, competence and resilience. In learning and life, everyone faces adversity. Peaceful Schools has several branches that support local school districts including social-emotional learning and restorative practices, extended learning time, art-based SEL programming and community schools.

This year's Deck the Halls has been passed on to local artists Lee Spencer and Aldea Gerard. The event will be held at Deviant Dance Tribe Studio, 118 Mill St, Fayetteville NY on Saturday December 10th from 3pm-7pm. The event will boast 50 of CNYs local artists, showcasing a wide array of works and talent. Artists have agreed to donate a portion of the sales from their skate decks to Peaceful Schools as well. Entrance to the show is the cost of a donation. Peaceful Schools is asking donations be Hygiene Products, Non-Perishable foods, clothing such as socks, underwear, sweatpants, leggings, winter jackets, hats gloves and hoodies, cleaning items or cash donations.
For more information on Deck the Halls please email AldeaKCreative@gmail.com

Abstract Texture

Lee Spencer, Art Director & Studio Curator

Lee Spencer is a Syracuse NY native but spent much of her adult life in Washington, DC. As her primary career, Lee works in education, but art and creating have always been an important part of her life. Lee’s artistic mediums have shifted and expanded over the years. Her primary art form has always been 2D with an initial focus on grid pattern collages using mixed media. She also utilized this grid pattern collage concept updating and creating 2D surfaces on found furniture. In 2009, Lee was a selected artist in the Washington DC “Red Bull Art of Can” exhibit held at Union Station for her 3D Corset submission constructed using Red Bull Cans. In 2015, Lee shifted her focus to primarily acrylic paint and relief printmaking. Lee has participated in many different art exhibits and art markets over the years. She participated in Artomatic, a Washington DC favorite, where 1000 artists showcase their work in a month-long exhibit. Lee was also part of a dual exhibit at Station 9 in Washington DC. Locally, Lee has participated in Black Masquerade, the Revolution show at Gear Factory, participated in Crafted and been a vendor at Wildflowers. She continues to seek opportunities to grow and expand her work and connections in the community.