Cancellation & No-Show Policy


Cancellation policy:

  • We have a strict 8-hour cancellation or reschedule policy. 

  • It is the members responsibility to cancel or reschedule their class using the members area of the website or Wix mobile app.

  • No-shows and late cancellations paying a drop-in rate, or with a 4-class, 8-class, or class pack, will be charged for the class.

  • Members with an unlimited monthly membership are not penalized for late cancellations.


No Show Policy:

When you book class and don’t show up, it prevents someone on the waitlist from attending and it’s rude.

  • Our studio now has a 3-strike policy for no-shows. If you book a class, and neglect to cancel, you will be marked as a no-show. After the 3rd no-show, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM OUR STUDIO AND NOT PERMITTED TO ATTEND CLASSES WITH US.

  • Members can cancel or reschedule their class via their members area profile on the app or on our website anytime during our cancellation period. If there is less than 8-hours before class, our booking system will not allow you to cancel and you must contact the studio to do so. There is a penalty for late-cancellations for all members except unlimited members. However, all members are urged to call and cancel or reschedule to avoid being blocked from the studio.

Cancelations made by studio:

Our studio has the right to cancel class for any reason.

For example, low attendance of less than 3 participants, illness, and bad weather may all result in a class being cancelled. In terms of weather, our studio follows the FM school district schedule. If school is cancelled or delayed in FM, our morning classes are cancelled.