Booking an in-studio class:


Step 1 - CHECK OUT our Class Calendar for the month and see which class piques your interest.

Our calendar can be found on the booking page of our website and posted on the community board at the studio. 


Step 2 - LOG-IN to your account on your computer or mobile device. If you haven't already done so, download the branded Deviant app to easily manage your bookings on the go. 


Step 3 -  PURCHASE a Membership or Class Pack.

Monthly memberships can be purchased as a one-time transaction and they recur automatically every month. All memberships and class packs can be used to book classes at a discounted rate instead of paying more for a single class. 


Step 4 - BOOK YOUR CLASS using the branded Deviant app or via the booking page on our website. 

All members are required to book their class(es), regardless of membership status. This enables the studio to keep track of how many participants are in the class and helps to manage our waitlists, if necessary. 

Important Waitlist Info:

When a class is full, you’ll be given the option of joining the waitlist. Members do cancel, so many waitlisted members do get promoted into the class. Waitlisted members are automatically promoted from the waitlist to the class, as space opens, based on the order of waitlist booking. If you add your name to the waitlist, you should be prepared to take class. Automatic addition to class still adheres to our cancellation policy.


Check your inbox (or sometimes junk folder) for your BOOKING CONFIRMATION and review the important information, especially if you are new to our Fayetteville studio location.