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Our studio is proud to offer many beginner-level opportunities for our dance community.

However, we do have some classes that require a little more strength and coordination. 

Our booking software now allows us to set prerequisite options, which means that new members will be required to start at a beginner level and complete a specific number of classes before advancement.  

We understand that everyones abilities and progress may differ. Our instructional Tribe is ready to

assess and advance members appropriately. 



In Pole, you will be required to...

  • use strength to rotate around a spinning pole.

  • support yourself in various upper body and lower body holds.

  • build new muscle memory over time.

In Lyra you will be required to...

  • hang upside down from your knees & pull-up from this position.

  • perform skills while suspended in midair.

  • use total body strength to transition between postures.




In Intermediate Chairlesque you will be required to,

  • move at a faster pace with control and balance.

  • learn and remember at least 64 counts of choreography. 

  • tackle isometric holds and perform postures that require core strength.

LEVEL Requirements

Level 1 - Absolute Beginners and members who want to continue learning basic fundamentals

Level 1 & 2 - Combo skills class for members who have graduated to level 2 and for members who have trained at Level 1 for at least 10 classes

Level 2 & 3 - Combo skills class for member who have graduated to Level 2 or Level 3

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