Who are we?

Our Performance Chair Tribe consists of 10 women. 

Separately, we spend our time working our day jobs, taking care of our families and hustling through life.

Together, we are a group of bad-ass bitches who like to whip our hair around.



Choreographer & Tribe Leader: 

Lisa Price


Current Performers:

Allison Herholtz | Dolores Hynes | Kate Bailie | Kate Brown | Lee Spencer 

Melody Williams | Reut Hod-Dvorai | Samantha Miller

Sarah Walter | Tiffany Fairchild Larkin


About our routines:

Generally, our routines are custom-created to accommodate a show’s genre or theme.

We are extremely versatile in our choreography and can showcase many different styles. 

We are multi-faceted and perform routines that can be funny, sad, angsty, empowering, and flat-out

sexy as hell. One thing's for sure, our performances are always confident, real and unapologetic.

Our fierce Tribe of women combine the Art of Dance and Theater to create an evocative performance

that’s flirty, powerful & unforgettable. 


Good to know:

We very rarely have the opportunity to perform with our entire ensemble.

Most venues and dressing rooms are tight and can't accomodate all of us.

We get it, we take up a lot of space!

When booking us, know that we can adapt our choreography and minimize the number of

performers to suit your needs. 



Hire Us!

We put on an amazing show!



For your viewing pleasure.