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Deviant Productions seeks to bring the arts community together in Onondaga County by providing performers and visual artists the opportunity to collaborate with a grassroots, underground artistic vibe and energy, providing our arts community with authentic avenues for expression.

Local Artists: Deviant Productions goal is to expand involvement and exposure to local artists, and provide them an opportunity to express themselves creatively with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional installation art including funding to complete the work. 

Performers: Deviant productions will benefit the local dance community, providing opportunities for performers to showcase their talents in a new and unique way, expanding their scope of performance art with an immersive audience.

Expanding arts in community as a whole: While this community is starting to build more arts based opportunities for the community to experience, there is a lot of room for growth. By building immersive art and dance experiences, we are involving the community by offering opportunities for them to go beyond traditional stage performances and become immersed in the performances of artists that live, work and thrive around them in their community. 

Deviant Dance Tribe is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and has many members in the community who find Deviant to be a safe space for self-expression and movement. 


June 2 & 3 - A Deviant Production, Under the Umbrella: An Immersive Dance and Art Experience for All Five Senses - Syracuse, NY

June 10 - Syracuse PRIDE - Inner Harbor, Syracuse, NY

Under the Umbrella eventbrite (2160 × 1080 px).png

In October 2022, Deviant produced its 1st immersive dance and art experience entitled “Thinning of the Veil”.  Thinning of the Veil was an immersive experience where audience members received a full face mask through which to experience the show. The show was performed for two nights with 5 performance times that took place each hour. The maximum number of audience members was limited to 30 per hour so everyone present could see each performance with ease. This performance style has never been executed in the Syracuse area and brings a new edge to our local community.

Photographer: Michal Lepore

Venue: The Station

In Collaboration with Black Masquerade

Syracuse (Poster (Landscape)) (Instagram Post)-2_edited.jpg

In 2022, Deviant produced the first annual Syracuse Dance and Arts Festival which was held in July 2022. This performance was held at The Palace Theater and included a showcase of 10 different local dance studios. Deviant connected with local adult dance studios to provide an opportunity to showcase their studio’s style of dance for the community.  Genre’s of dance represented in this showcase included Chair dance, Pole dance, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyra, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Irish step dancing and Belly dancing. This first production was privately funded by Deviant Dance Tribe but unfortunately, this type of fiscal support is not sustainable for the future of the festival. Deviant Productions seeks fiscal sponsorship and grants to continue connecting the Syracuse dance arts community by providing local dance companies and performers paid opportunities to showcase their talent. 


Photographer: Michal Lepore

Venue: The Palace Theatre