Growing up as a dancer in NYC is a blessing. There is a plethora of vision and culture and talent. One could suffocate from all the offerings and opportunities. 

But I got caught up in it all. Competitions and auditions began to feel sterile and I started to lose sight of why I loved to dance in the first place. So, I went rogue. 

I deviated from traditional expectations to find a path that was genuine and grounding to me. I took as many workshops, from as many instructors and from as many studios as I could. For some time this was fulfilling, but then I asked myself, “where is this going?”

I stopped dancing for a bit. I convinced myself that since I chose to abandon the traditional path to becoming a “successful dancer,” I had no future in it. I made excuses for why I didn’t suffice and continued to deny myself my one true passion, sinking into a state of isolation. 

Then, I found myself. I was surrounded by people who didn’t truly know me, and who didn’t know what I was capable of. It was no fault of their own. I hadn’t shown them. I chose to embrace the dancer that I was, the dancer that I had always been. I should have embraced my journey and my decision to be a deviant, but that didn’t come until much later. Now I do what I love, full throttle, no excuses and no regrets. 

My students are typically those who understand purpose. They generally fall into two categories. Ones that used to dance, but forgot that connection and are once again choosing to reclaim that relationship, as I did. The others are discovering something they never knew existed. A fire inside of them that requires constant kindling. 

So whether you’re interested in joining the tribe, or you’re ready to pursue something else that sparks your heart, I leave you with this...

Be a deviant. In whatever you do. Deviate from the norm and embrace that choice to find your true north, whatever that may be.

Find yourself. Love yourself. Share yourself. ♥️


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