Deviant Chairlesque black and gold lips logo

Chairlesque w/ Lisa Price

Chairlesque is our best-selling class and our wow-factor.

Beginner & Intermediate levels available. 

This class requires moderate core strength. 

Choreography builds week-to-week.

Class contains explicit music content & mature choreography.

Soft-soled dance shoes or bare feet.

Deviant Chairlesque is unique and our style is exclusive to our brand.  This unapologetic dance style can sometimes be flirty and sassy, but the choreography can also be raw and therapeutic depending on the routine. Movements transition from slow & lingering  to sharp & sensual. This class is a catalyst to discovering your hidden potential, channeling your alter ego & finding empowerment through movement.


All members must start in beginner Chairlesque and then be placed into our Intermediate class.

Individuals with previous dance experience should contact us for direct placement. 


In Intermediate Chairlesque you will be required to,

  • move at a faster pace with control and balance.

  • learn and remember at least 64 counts of choreography. 

  • tackle isometric holds and perform postures that require core strength.